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If you are reading this, you are probably someone who came to the game page after watching Failboat's livestream. You would also know how bugged the game is. I'm fixing all the bugs I can find, adding some things here and there, and revamping the game's art style. I was disappointed I took until Failboat played it to do this, but it will be fixed soon.


So it seems you've made the cut. You were one of the few who actually applied for the job and you made it. Now, on your way to work, you get an uneasy feeling. Despite this, you naively drive to the building, with a big cartoon puffball on it. You open it with the keys and head into your office.

Welcome to Five Nights at Kirby's! A horror fangame taking heavy inspiration from Five Nights at Freddy's. Here, you have to survive the weekdays as a security guard working at Kirby's Playhouse from 12 to 8 in the morning. The animatronics have been acting up lately, but it's nothing to worry about, right?


Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
TagsAltgame, Fangame, Horror, Singleplayer, Survival Horror


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Quick question, When do you plan on re-uploading this to itch.io?

Also once you make the "Version 2.0" of this game will you be planning on a sequel or anything like that?

I plan to re-upload the game whenever I finish the updated release. As for if I’ll make sequels, I’ve actually already made some, which will also be updated. They just aren’t on itch.io

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How close would you say you are to finishing the updates?
(I hope this doesn't come across as me attempt to ask you to rush the project or something like that, because it is very clear that you are taking as much time as possible to release a much much much better game than the original.)

Haha, don’t worry, it didn’t come across that way. I’ve been demotivated on it, mainly due to the cameras, but I have the security office, hallway, and two cameras. The update is actually built off of the original game, so it won’t be as hard to make it. I’ll make sure to notify you whenever I finish it!

how do i download this game

please read the top of the page

How to download this game


please read the top of the page



when its gonna release again here

things i like about your game


-good camera system

-good defense systems


-energy is like fnaf

-very much nights

only bad thing is where is custom night


im making a fnaf game tnas 3

and how do you make fnaf game that good

but i will use your tips on tnas 4

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are you the scratcher or stealer? if you do not answer or you can be the other creator

I am the same developer, Scratch just doesn’t allow username changes.

oh ok

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the games really nice the style is smooth and simple

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love your game dude